Lazy Loading closures

A closure can be converted into a lazy-loaded reference using the $() function. This generates a QRL<Function> type. A QRL is a lazy-loadable reference of the closure. In our case, we have extracted the closure associated with the onInput event into the component body. Because it is no longer inlined we need to change how the JSX refers to it from onInput$ to onInputQrl.

Notice that our closure closes over the store that is captured by the Optimizer and then restored as needed.


In this example, we would like to demonstrate how easy it is to lazy-load behavior in Qwik. Let's lazy load the code that is executed when the Enter key is pressed. Wrap the code associated with Enter with $() to mark it for lazy loading. The resulting QRL<()=>void> can then be lazy-invoked with .invoke() and the result can be awaited with await keyword.

Look at the Symbols tab to see how the code was broken up into pieces.

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