Qwik Community Values:

โœ… All questions are good questions.

There is no such thing as " that's a noob question" in our community. We value our community members for their patience, helpfulness and welcoming attitude towards newcomers that make everyone feel at home. So always feel comfortable asking any question that comes to mind about anything Qwik or JS related.

โœ… Be respectful and inclusive

We are a global community where members join from different cultures and backgrounds and have different styles of communication. Because of that we'd like to ask you to mind how you phrase your questions / answers / discussion points. As text has no tone, it's important to be extra mindful on how we communicate and appreciate each other's attempt to help.
It's totally OK not to agree with others as long as we respect each other at the same time.

Always think: "How would I like to be treated?"" and treat others the same way.

โœ… Support and encourage each other

We like to praise members in our community for their efforts. If you see anyone sharing a Qwik related project, blog post, video, or any "win"โ€ฆ give them a ๐Ÿ‘ or ๐Ÿš€ or any other emoji or kind words that will brighten their day. If you see someone struggling, give them words of encouragement and if possible, help them out. Remember - teaching is the best way to learn, plus, it's good karma ๐Ÿ˜‰

โœ… Follow the boy/girl scout rule:

"Always leave the place better than you found it."

If you see anything that could be better - please open up a PR or an issue or reach out to us.

For example: think something in the docs doesn't make sense? please don't close the page, but instead - click the "Edit this page" link and try to improve it. You'll be doing a huge favor for the rest of us, so thank you!

โœ… Respect other solutions

We are all in this JavaScript game together and there's a lot to learn from each other. Without other frameworks / solutions innovation would have stopped and we couldn't be where we are today.

That's why we embrace the entire JS ecosystem and welcome collaboration with all the other frameworks and libraries. That's also why we believe that Qwik members should feel free to share their love for other solutions without the fear of being criticized for their choices. Our community is a safe environment for ALL developers.

โœ… Keep it fun

We like to keep things light and fun, so you might see silly emojis, contests, commit messages etc. Feel free to join the silliness! ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜Š