Generating Sitemaps

By default, when Static Site Generated (SSG) pages are built, a sitemap is generated for the site. The sitemap.xml is automatically generated based on the pages that were built. This means that if you have a page that is not built, it will not be included in the sitemap.


The sitemap can be configured using the adapter's vite config file. The example below is configuring the Cloudflare adapter. The default sitemap file path is sitemap.xml, but you can use the sitemapOutFile option to change the file path.

  plugins: [
      ssg: {
        include: ['/*'],
        origin: '',
        sitemapOutFile: 'sitemap.xml',

The include option is used to specify which pages should be built, which also adds them to the sitemap. Any pages added to the exclude option will also exclude them from the sitemap.

The origin option is used to specify the origin of the site and is used to generate the absolute URLs for the sitemap.


Depending on your site setup, you'll probably want to add a robots.txt file to your site. This can be done by adding a robots.txt file to the public directory. Any file in the public directory is treated as a static file and deploy alongside the build. The following is an example of a public/robots.txt file:

User-agent: *
Allow: /
Sitemap: https://<YOUR_HOSTNAME>/sitemap.xml

Note the added Sitemap directive to the robots.txt file which tells search engines where to find the sitemap for your site. Be sure to replace <YOUR_HOSTNAME> with the hostname of your site.


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