When it's time to deploy your application, Qwik comes with ready-to-use integration that make this so easy!

npm run qwik add

Adapters and Middleware

Qwik City middleware is a glue code that connects server rendering framework (such as Cloudflare, Netlify, Vercel, Express etc.) with the Qwik City meta-framework.

Production build

When a new integration is added to the project, a build.server script is added to the package.json file. This script is used to build the project for production.

The only thing you need to do is to run the following command:

npm run build

Under the hood, the build script will execute, build.server and build.client scripts.


The requestHandler() utility is what each of the above middleware bundles uses in order to translate their request/response to a standard format for Qwik City to use. This function can be used to provide middleware for specific server frameworks.

If there's middleware missing and you'd like it added, take a look at how the requestHandler() utility is used to handle requests for each of the middleware source-code above. Better yet, we'd love to have your middleware contributions! PR's are welcome!

Add A New Deployment

Thanks for your interest in adding a deployment integration to Qwik! We're more than happy to help you get started. Before we get too far, if there's already a deployment for what you're looking for, we'd love to have you contribute to it. If the deployment is not already available, let's add it!

To start it's probably best to copy an existing adapters and middleware and modify it to fit your needs. A deployment is made up of a few different parts:

Add An Adapter

An adapter is the term used to summarize the Vite config that needed for the special build configuration. Each server, whether it's a cloud-service or a custom server, has its own unique build configuration for a specific output the server uses. For example, Cloudflare, Netlify and Node.js Server each have their own build configurations.

The adapter is really a Vite config, that's extending the base config. The base config is the same for all adapters, and the adapter config is the unique part for each server.

Add Middleware

Middleware is the glue code that connects the server rendering framework (such as Cloudflare, Netlify, Vercel, Express etc.) with the Qwik City meta-framework. Each middleware is responsible for handling the request and response from the server and translating it to a standard format for Qwik City to use.

Luckily Qwik City uses the standardized Request and Response interfaces, so the middleware is usually pretty minimal.

For middleware, you'll notice that each one calls the common package. The job of each middleware is to translate the request and response to the standardized format that Qwik City request handler package uses.

Add To The Starter CLI

The next step is to add the new adapter to the Starter CLI. For this step it's probably best to ping the core team on Discord to help you get started. The CLI is a great place to add the new adapter, because it's a great way to test the new adapter and make sure it's working as expected.


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