AWS Adapter

Qwik City AWS Adapter allows you to connect Qwik City to AWS Lambda.


To integrate the aws-lambda adapter, use the add command:

npm run qwik add aws-lambda

The adapter will add a new vite.config.ts within the adapters/ directory, and a new entry file will be created, such as:

└── adapters/
    └── aws-lambda
        └── vite.config.ts
└── src/
    └── entry_aws-lambda.tsx

Additionally, within the package.json, the build.server and serverless:preview scripts will be updated.

Production build

To build the application for production, use the build command, this command will automatically run npm run build.server and npm run build.client:

npm run build

Deploy to AWS

Before deployment, you need to set up your AWS Credentials. Under the hood, the adapter uses serverless.

serverless deploy



Thanks to all the contributors who have helped make this documentation better!

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  • WilliamEspegren