Nx and enterprise scale monorepos

Nx is a robust and extensible development platform designed to simplify the management of large-scale monorepos containing multiple applications and libraries by offering powerful tools for code generation, build orchestration, dependency management, and code sharing.

Qwik integrates with nx beautifully by using the qwik-nx plugin.

Main features

  • Generate a new Nx workspace using a "Qwik" preset
  • Generate Qwik applications and libraries.
  • Generate Qwik components and routes.
  • Generate Storybook, React Qwikify, Cloudflare configuration and much more
  • Run executors that are built specifically for building Qwik applications.


You can generate a new workspace by running:

npx create-nx-workspace@latest org-workspace --preset=qwik-nx

Or add a new Qwik application to an existing workspace by running:

npm install -D qwik-nx

and then

nx generate qwik-nx:app

For further reference, please check the qwik-nx documentation.


Thanks to all the contributors who have helped make this documentation better!

  • shairez
  • Benny-Nottonson
  • mrhoodz
  • meeroslav